A very Merry Christmas to you all…….Hopefully more blogs this next year….. And happy 2015

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Christmas card


Small textural “Love series”

July 22, 2014 § 3 Comments

Here are four pieces from a new series that I have been working on, the small textural Love series. I used a variety of materials including, Stucco Patch material, Oil stains and Collage all on paper. First the texture medium troweled on, next, letting it dry and then back with the collage elements. When all that is completed, it’s time for the oil paint stains. (The texture medium is water base.)
Small works texture love series
Texture love series 3
Texture love series 4 Texture love series2

An Important Announcement

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Aloha all,

As many of you know, I am living a full and gratifying life here on Maui as an artist. Over the last 60 years galleries in San Francisco, New York, Scottsdale, Santa Fe Houston, San Antonio, Boca Raton, Sedona and Maui have presented exhibitions of my artwork.

Above all else, being an artist all these years has given me both creative enjoyment and access to my many good friends, collectors and interested individuals.

Recently, with the help of a wonderful assistant, I completed a full inventory of my current private collection of artwork, consisting of approximately 300 pieces, comprised of paintings and mixed-media art which have never been shown in exhibitions or offered to the public before.

As art must be seen to be appreciated, I feel it is now time to share this collection, in addition, make selected pieces available for purchase to other art lovers. Therefore, I will begin posting 5 to 10 images of this private collection weekly at the following locations.

Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/stanley.grosse?fref=ts

WordPress site: http://www.stanleygrosse.wordpress.com/category/artist-studio

Website: http://www.grossestudio.com

All available private works will be sold at artist studio pricing, making it affordable to new collectors, as well as for my many friends, followers and collectors of my work over the past sixty years.

In the spirit of social media, please feel free to pass this message forward. If you have any questions or would like more information on acquisition, please call or text me at 480 221 4085, or via email: stanleygrosse@yahoo.com.



Title: Mesa Series Diptych-“Vortex”
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 39 x 54
Price: $1800.00


Title: Pillow Book
Medium: Giclee print, framed & glassed
SIze: 21.5 x 17
Price: $300.00





Title: Black Orpheus-01
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 15 x 20
Price: $700.00


Title: Stellar Map-01
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 22 x 23
Price: $900.00

GRO-034-3230_Kinki NipponSeries-21-Collage-mono_24x170_700

Title: Kinki Nippon Series-21
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 24 x 17
Price: $700.00


Title: Crow, Scroll, Grill, Feathers
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 37 x 28
Price: $1400.00


GRO-209-3230_TwoBirds-Chant Scroll_mm_35x26.5_1200-altered

Title: Two Birds-Chant & Scroll
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 35 x 26.5
Price: $1200.00


GRO-213 Title: Mystery Box Series-4 Medium: Mixed Media SIze: 35 x 26.5 Price: $1100.00

Title: Mystery Box Series-4
Medium: Mixed Media
SIze: 35 x 26.5
Price: $1100.00

My pal Joe……

June 8, 2014 § 8 Comments

Just had to say something about my dearest old friend. I haven’t seen his face since the early 60s. Never had a photograph of him. His name is Joe Ataide. He and his family lived in Pacific Grove, California, next to Monterey. I met him while I was in the army. After basic training I was sent to the Art Department at Fort Ord, California. He was a civilian Artist and World War II vet working as illustrator. We immediately became friends, and would sit and have coffee together on our breaks. One day, maybe a month after I started working there, Commander of the Army Language School, came into the building and was asking around if anybody could make a frame for his wife’s, “Number Painting”, remember those? Anyway, the commander was sent to Joe to see if he would be willing to make a frame. After a minute or so talking, I saw Joe wink at me, as if to say…… say yes. The commander came over to me, and said that the other fellow said, that I could make the frame. Hell, I’d never made a frame before, But with Joe’s “winking message”… I said sure.

, I took the funky painting and the commander said when you’re finished with the frame, give me a call and I’ll send a car for you. He left and Joe came over to me and said, “this might be something for you to make some points with. Come up to my studio, and I’ll help you make the frame”. Long story short, I went to Joe’s home and studio, met his family, and within two or three evenings, I had the frame complete.

I called the commander, he sent the car. I walked into his large office at the Army Language School, showed him the painting in the frame, and he was overjoyed. Then he asked the question, “What can I do for you?” I thought for a moment, immediately said, “you know Commander, before I was drafted, I was an illustrator for a small advertising company, where I learned how to run the presses. You have a printing and art lab here at the school, and I think that I could best serve the army working there. His response was, “let me think about it”.

The next morning I was woken up early and told that I had orders to go to the Army Language School, ASAP. Needless to say, I packed up, jumped in the car they sent, and there started the rest of my tour in the Army.

Joe took me in like family. At least three or four times a week, I would go up to his studio and paint or help Joe with whatever art project he was working on. We had many, many conversations and finally Joe suggested that I go to the California College of Arts and Crafts, his old alma mater. My wife and I drove up to Berkeley and visited the school, just what I needed, just what I wanted. So, after I was discharged from the Army, off we went to Berkeley and I started school, finishing, three years of work in two. I was motivated and this “C+” high school student, graduated cum laude, interviewed for a teaching job at Capuchino HS, in SanBruno, California.. ( Joe taught and mentored me for the next year and a half, working on my painting, his framing and whatever else I could learn. I became part of the family.) It was Joe’s suggestion that I would be a good teacher. That idea stuck with me and the rest is history.

We kept in touch and our families visited each other many times. Joe died too early, back in the late 80s. I never had a photo of Joe, until now. His two daughters came to visit Pam and I, last year here on Maui. His son lives in the East. But, his daughters are coming back over here to Maui again soon. His son and daughters are very talented. One of his daughters is a successful painter still living in California. “I love you Joe”.Joe Ataide 2

Joe Ataide

Japanese folk art

May 27, 2014 § 4 Comments

Aloha all, finally getting around to add another post. I run across these images of Japanese folk art and remembered what a joy it was to walk through the streets of Kyoto, and find these kinds of images. Everything from the Kimonos to the Doorways, all pure design. Even the Calligraphy is a pure art form. Googling <Japanese Folk Art> will certainly give you an understanding of what is called “the pure Japanese folk art design”.


Futon pillow hand stitched cover……

Tied straw decoration

Calligraphy on wood door


Announcement from Bob Will re Artist Stanley Grosse

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Announcement from Bob Will re Artist Stanley Grosse.

New small Textural Series…..

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ImageImageI have been working on a small series of textural pieces, kind of like those rock walls in the previous blog. There’re lots of textural materials out there that you can use. Find one that fits your needs best. I tape off the area on which I want to work. Of course remove the tape when completed. I use thinned down oil paint for the staining as well as adhering collage material. Be sure to use a good hand made paper or board if you want to try this technique. Thank you so much for all of your replies….. I’m happy if someone finds these interesting, and gains from these blogs.